Elevator. Safari.

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So, I get in an elevator and go to my desk 5 days a week.  Every morning, stepping into the elevator, I brace myself for the mind numbing-ness of it.  And so, the blog is my safari. I never know what sort of wild beasts I’m going to encounter at work… you know rhinos, poachers, mosquitos, vultures, petty minded, small minded wrens.  But the elevator can take me anywhere.  A few days ago it took me deep into the mind of Brian Wilson of the Beach boys…a few days before I read all about JFK’s mistresses….and today I looked for my dad’s first car from the 20’s an R & V Knight.

I’ll probably never get to Africa…even if I my bank account wasn’t verging daily on overdrawn, I would probably opt out for Europe over Africa….I’m sort of caught up in history.  A safari would be an adventure.  Hemingway did it.  It sounds so beautiful….as in “Out of Africa” or “The Hills of Kilimanjaro.”  Romantic, wild, the last place where herds of animals & predators run free….you can be honestly afraid in Africa. What did Hemingway’s characters drinking on safari?  Rum or whisky?  Whisky I think.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.  Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.”


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